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Vaanarsena Studios loves Animation and Indian Stories. 
Our goal is to tell indian stories. Stories from the subcontinent. Stories from the scriptures and history and stories from villages and folklore. Our mission is to take these stories as far and wide as we can.
We also love animation. But animation is a very time intensive process, requiring hours,days, months of work and a very dedicated team. But you cant help it when you are in love right? So we labour endlessly, to do what we like to do, best.
If the universe wills it, you will see Indian shows produced by us. In the meanwhile, we attempt to bring you what we can, on the various social platforms.
Here is our attempt at bringing the two things we love, together.

We ensure our audience and our clients, films that are fun, engaging and high quality.

We thank you for taking the time to listen and connect with us.




Founder and Senapati of this fun endeavor, Vivek, with his vast experience in both 3d and 2d animation spanning over 20 years, hopes to infuse a dose of freshness into the industry. He gets bored pretty easily, so we can be rest assured the style and subject of the content here is gonna keep changing!

Watch the video to understand why he does what he does!

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